Findhorn Heritage  Heritage Centre ‚óŹ Ice House
Introduction During   your   time   in   Findhorn   take   the   opportunity   to   visit   the   Heritage   Centre   and   Icehouse.   The   Icehouse   has   fascinating underground      chambers   built   over   150   years   ago   to   store   ice   for   packing   the   salmon   en   route   to   London.   Aspects   of   the   local salmon   fishing   industry   are      displayed   in   these   chambers.   In   the   Centre,   you   will   discover   the   secrets   of   the   Sands   of Findhorn Heritage where the story of Findhorn is told  from prehistoric times to the present day.
The   Heritage   Centre   and   Icehouse   have   been   developed   by   the   Findhorn   Village   Heritage   Company   -   entirely   composed   of   enthusiastic volunteers dedicated to conserving and sharing the rich historical and natural heritage of Findhorn. We   acknowledge   with   gratitude   financial   support   from   the   Heritage   Lottery   Fund,   Historic   Scotland,   MB&S   Enterprise,   Entrust,   Emsee Fairbairn   Foundation,   Scottish   Natural   Heritage,   Moray   Firth   Partnership,   Moray   Leader,   The   Budge   Trust,   The   Charles   Hayward Foundation, various other generous donors and the local community.